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Sunday, September 27, 2009

Happy Birthday to Kung-kung

We celebrated Kung-kung's 60th birthday earlier this month at a chinese restaurant in Yu Lek, Cheras. I ordered a cake for this ocassion from here as the usual baker that I like was not able to take in my oder for that day. To me, the price was reasonable but it's on the higher side.

Result: the design and workmanship of the cake were good and the cake was HUGE for about 20+ pax. We only consumed 1/3 of the top tier and left the bottom tier untouch. The texture and the flavour of the cake itself were so-so. Not very much to my liking. Oh least my parents and others were pleased with the whole presentation of the cake. Never try, never know right? Norelle was fasinated with the cow figurines (my dad born in the year of the Ox), she had fun decapitating one of them into bits and pieces (sorry...a bit gross).


Stephanie said...

happy family..... :)

Alesia said...

Now I know where you get your good looks from ;)

FenFen said...

wat a nice looking cake...u look like ur mum :)

mel said...

haven't been visiting ur blog for long time!

norelle sure looks very 'tai kor lui' dy and preston is so cute!

a happy and loving family indeed!

take k and talk again yeah.